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5 Egg-Citing Ways to Celebrate Easter in Redlands with The Farmhouse

Updated: Mar 27

Easter is a time for family, fun and festivities, and what better way to celebrate than with The Farmhouse?

Here are five egg-citing ways to enjoy Easter in Redlands with The Farmhouse, ensuring a memorable and joyous celebration for you and your loved ones.

  1. Pre-Purchase an Easter Hamper for a Picnic on the Lawn: Start your Easter weekend off right by pre-purchasing an Easter hamper from The Farmhouse. Gather your family and head over to enjoy a delightful picnic on the lush green lawn overlooking the Wellington Point Farm. On Saturday 30th March, experience the Easter spirit with a magical Easter show and engage in light Easter crafts, making it a day filled with laughter and joy.

  2. Enjoy a Breakfast or Lunch at The Farmhouse: Treat yourself and your loved ones to a scrumptious Easter feast by booking a table for breakfast and lunch at The Farmhouse. Keep your eyes peeled for a Suprise visit from none other than the Easter Bunny, making special appearances from 9.30am - 10.30am and again from 1.30pm to 2.30pm. It's an exciting experience that adds an extra sprinkle of magic to your Easter celebrations.

  3. Enjoy a Picnic at Wellington Point: Pick up your Easter picnic hamper or take away from The Farmhouse and head on adventure to the beautiful bay at Wellington Point. Relax in the serenity of nature together with your loved ones, enjoying delicious treats from your hamper. It's the perfect way to savor the joys of Easter in a tranquil setting.

  4. Explore Easter Specials at Cleveland with Bay Water Island Sports: Take your Easter celebration to the next level by picking up your Easter hamper or Farmhouse Take away from The Farmhouse and heading over to Cleveland. Dive into the festivities with Easter specials on activities offered by Bay Water Island Sports. Whether it's kayaking, paddleboarding, or simply enjoying the waterfront ambiance, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

  5. Head on a Family Adventure with Your Easter Picnic Hamper: Can't decide where to go? No problem! Order your Easter picnic hamper from The Farmhouse and take it along on your family adventure for the day. Whether you're exploring local parks, hiking trails, or simply enjoying a scenic drive, your Easter picnic hamper ensures that delicious treats are always within reach, making every moment of your adventure extra special.

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